Alexander Esman & Marina Koulbitskaya
Ice Skating Professionals
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  Welcome to our "ice skating school".  

We have been coaching figure skating for over 20 years.  Our mission revolves around bringing the Russian figure skating mentality to Long Island, NY, by taking kids from an early age, developing their coordination, athleticism, grace, musicality and building on their unique abilities.  It has been our goal to instill in our students a strong work ethic, along with discipline, character and confidence, all the while creating competitors with a life-long skill and mastery of a difficult, yet beautiful art. 

In this time, we have raised skaters from beginner to senior levels.  We have helped our students graduate their moves in the field, choreographed winning programs, traveled to major competitions and saw them through to their potential and attainment of their personal goals, be it professional or collegiate figure skating.  We have also worked a lot with adults who have wanted to pick up the sport at a later age or have had unrealized childhood dreams of competing at the adult level.

Our skaters vary in age, level and ability and ice-skate anywhere from once a week to six days a week.  While ice time may not be abundant on Long Island, and skating hours tend to be bright and early and sprawled across the day, we do our best to accommodate all of our students and develop a figure skating program that fits their goals and abilities the best.  We pride ourselves on helping everyone we work with reach their maximum potential whether they have recreational or Olympic goals and dreams.

In our careers, we have been fortunate to work with a lot of world class and Olympic coaches and skaters, talented kids, dedicated parents and all around wonderful people.  We hope to continue to share our experience with everyone who loves figure skating and to keep developing young talent into future Olympians. 

So, whether you just wanted to check out the site to learn a little more about us and our students, or were looking to get into figure skating, feel free to browse around and shoot us an email!


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